Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Heretic of the North eBook for $0.99

There comes a time in the history of all peoples, when events move with irresistible momentum. Nations clash. The innocent perish. Faith is questioned.

While Orius Candell still grew in his mother's womb, intrigue, enemies, and forbidden knowledge drove them into self-imposed exile. For decades, his mother hid him and nutured him, preparing Orius for the time when he could exact vengeance on those who betrayed them and turned their backs on them in their time of need.

Old secrets, seldom remembered or long forgotten, have reemerged to haunt those who buried them. They have returned when least expected, and during a time of great strife and conflict. The continent of Iningia stands on the brink of change, and Orius Candell wields the power to save the future.

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